boulderdash n: a road game played by California drivers during the wet season <Penelope called her friend to tell her about the ~ that was already underway along Pacific Coast Highway.> -more-





acne scar traffic revision n: a detour around a potholed street. <Daisy was already late, so when she saw the ~ she nearly lost it.>

anal liposuction n: the process of trying to get one's fat ass out of a chair <After a few hours of reading the morning paper, Lloyd began the arduous procedure of ~.>

atrophy wife n: a former trophy wife who has seen better days <Nick looked down at his ~ lying beside the pool, realizing that all those nips and tucks still couldn't keep back the hands of time.>

Augouraphobia n: 1. fear of leaving Agoura Hills 2. phobia named after Agoura Hills [fr. agoraphobia] <The mere thought of the wide expanse of the 101 Freeway gave Samantha the willies. She had full-fledged ~.>

beach cobbler n:a shoemaker whose shop is along the boardwalk <Jim had a small store in Venice, a good fit for a ~.>

bellicose veins n:blood vessels which burst due to warmongering <All the department heads could see that Wolfowitz had ~.>

Bev nap n: 1. a small napkin upon which to rest a beverage in Beverly Hills 2. taking a nap in Beverly Hills <Daisy had been running around all day; she just had to take a quick ~.>

bikini waxing eloquent n: highly literate surfer girls <If you got up at dawn and headed out to Venice Beach, you could always expect to find Bitsy and Belinda ~ near the ocean.>

bon voyeur n: a talented Peeping Tom <All winter long, Beverly Hills was inundated with several ~s who were never, in fact, caught.>

botux n: a wrinkle-free formal evening suit for men — side effects may include numbness and loss of expression <Though Lloyd received many compliments on his ~, he felt oddly detached for most of the evening.>

bozo filter n: the head receptionist or gatekeeper <At MegaFilm Corp., no one ever got past secretary Betty O'Brian — the quintessential ~.>

Brentwood n: a type of golf club <I'd sure use the ~ on this one, Jim.>

byte n: a Southland food portion. <Lloyd beheld the miniscule morsel of food on his plate as the waiter reassured him it consisted of at least five ~s.>

Calabassas n: a type of sausage <Toss those ~ on the grill, Jimmy!>californicate v: when a state gets screwed. <Though Enron tried to ~ other states, its greatest successes were in California.>

carpool tunnel syndrome n: a disease which afflicts those in the carpool lane <The combination of being in a crowded car and going through tunnels creates a rare medical condition known as ~.>

casting couch potato n: a director or producer who's not only slimy, but lazy [see SNAIL MALE] <Daisy knew the audition was a lark when the ~ leered at her, scratched himself and told her to try the scene again — on his lap.>

celluloid treatment n: how one's film is received <Rookie screenwriter Joey McGuinness really got the ~ when his movie not only flopped, but he didn't even recognize it as the story he originally penned.>

chihuaweiler n: a small dog with delusions of grandeur <Biffy's ~ sure looked tiny, but he walked the block like he owned it.> —Carole Easton, Venice, Ca.

cig alert n: an alert which notifies smokers they are no longer welcome <The Solano Beach City Council issued the first ~ that prohibits smoking on a California beach.>












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