boulderdash n: a road game played by California drivers during the wet season <Penelope called her friend to tell her about the ~ that was already underway along Pacific Coast Highway.> -more-




The News Features are the longer-length pieces which generally fall under the above categories. They should be fairly self-explanatory, but in case they're not, here are a few examples of what you can expect to find:

Leisure & Lifestyle. These tend to be stories about how California is often on the cutting edge of cultural trends -- and what a bloody mess it causes.

Law & Business. You'll find plenty in here about politically correct facism and ridiculous court cases.

Transportation. How many ways do Californians get from A to B (or not)? Find out.

Sports. What can you say about a town, not exactly known for its "10,000 lakes," that names a sports team The Lakers? That's just the beginning of the insanity.

Science & Technology. Learn how the Golden State is frequently pushing the envelope into the letter of progress.

Metro. Local yokel stuff that spoofs your very own community and its beloved leaders.

Entertainment. Since "no one knows nothing," we spoke with no one to get the whole scoop (and nothing but the scoop).

State. What can you say about a state that is unabashedly represented by the Grizzly Bear, which its residents nearly hunted into extinction?

Politics. In all its sordid, sullied forms.

Environment & Weather. Look here if you're feeling under the weather (or the smog).

Miscellaneous. When generic labels just won't suffice.