boulderdash n: a road game played by California drivers during the wet season <Penelope called her friend to tell her about the ~ that was already underway along Pacific Coast Highway.> -more-



eems it should read Advertising, or LaLaAdvertising; otherwise, it should stay as a verb.}


Every month, tens of thousands of unique visitors look through California's premiere news satire website, The LaLa Times -- dubbed "The Onion for L.A." by the Los Angeles Times.

With little-to-no marketing, the site has garnered a grassroots following of loyal, Web-savvy readers who appreciate the long-overdue spoofing of "everything absurd under the sun."


65% of our readers are from Southern California, 25% are from elsewhere in California, and 10% are from outside California altogether.

60% of our readers are in the 18-39 demographic; 30% are 40-55; 10% are above 55.

They are roughly 60% male; 40% female.

85% are college educated; more than 25% have done post-graduate work.

The median household income is more than $60K.


The LaLa Times has many different possibilities for advertising, so as to be flexible to your particular needs. We can attach ads to specific pages that will target specific content, or we can post your ad throughout the site more generally.

Ideally, we're looking for clients with products and messages that are in sync with our own tone: quirky, stylish, lighthearted, passionate and comedic.

To book an ad or find out more information, email our ad sales rep at: