boulderdash n: a road game played by California drivers during the wet season <Penelope called her friend to tell her about the ~ that was already underway along Pacific Coast Highway.> -more-




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Fungus Among Us Mushroom Kits

These kits are great fun. They're sent through the mail, and when they arrive you cut a few holes in the plastic wrapping, spray some water onto the blob inside, put it all in a dark place and practically overnight it sprouts edible mushrooms (e.g. Shiitake, Oyster, Lion's Mane) that you can cook with.

Bonsai Potato Kit

The mini kit includes pruning shears, tweezers, a state of the art, mini replica of an ancient version of an actual Bonsai Potato altar, and a hilarious 32 page book explaining the rich tradition of the art of the Bonsai Potato®.

A clever idea that just keeps getting better. These sarcastic line of products make for hours of online surfing and fine gifts for the grouch in the family. "Whether you're a pessimist, underachiever or a chronic failure, I personally offer my unconditional* guarantee that Demotivators® will truly inspire you to new lows! E.L. Kersten, Ph.D. Founder and COO


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Support humor in L.A. while turning heads with this faux Buddha's Gym parody tote bag! $14.99.


Slip into this sexy Buddha's Gym camisole. It's all about suffering, baby!
This shirt is designed to fit juniors. $18.99.

Join the secession movement... before it's too late! California, Oregon & Washington form the Republic of Caliwashegon! Set of six cards for $12.99.

Don't let anyone kick sand in your baby's face. Get a hip Buddha's Gym onesie, straight from Muscle Beach in Venice, Ca.! Just $9.99.

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Silicon Breast Paperweights.

Here's a great desktop novelty item that works just as well for hardcore denizens of L.A. as it does for your twisted-but-loveable uncle from New England. Various sizes to choose from: AA-cup paperweight for desks with relatively little on them... up to D-cup paperweights for desks with really big stacks of paper.

Dumb Ass Sweatpants.

Sportswear doesn't have to be boring and gray — just look at Juicy. Buy a pair of sweatpants (with sayings emblazoned across the seat of the pants) for your girlfriend or co-worker. Expressions include: Squishy, Kick Ass, Seat Occupied, Cupcakes, Honey Buns, Scrumptious, Yum, Bottoms Up, Ass Backwards, and Assassins.

Humor Gift Baskets.

Want to leave a lasting impression for someone special in L.A.? Here's a quirky alternative to sending flowers. We'll assemble, package and deliver a personalized gift basket of assorted humor items; (books, CDs, videos, audio cassettes, novelty items, etc.).

LALA Dictionary Daily Calendars.

If you know someone in Southern California who appreciates wordplay, give them a tear-off desktop calendar of Southern Californian expressions and neologisms. Each day they'll be delighted to get a new word (e.g. botux n: a wrinkle-free formal evening suit for men — side effects may include numbness and loss of expression).

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