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Editor George Wolfe, Thea Mercouffer, Randy Gold, Brad Schreiber, Lainie Siegel and Justin Cram (from left to right -- with only half of Justin).

George R. Wolfe

George is the aboriginal founder, editor and main writer of the LaLa Times. Over the years prior to this publication, he has worked in NYC as the editor of ArtSearch, in Seattle as the associate editor of MetropolitanLiving, and has been a freelance reporter/writer for National Public Radio (KPLU) and various trade publications: scr(I)pt (screenwriting), Alaska Airlines (travel), and Vim & Vigor (healthcare). He has received several awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, has a first novel called Blake's Bible, and is a finalist in several screenplay competitions. He was an invited speaker at the University of California (Irvine) 2004 Humanities conference ("In the Shadow of Big Media"). He lives in Venice, Ca., with his wife, Thea, and two kids.

Thea Mercouffer

Thea is a co-founder of The LaLa Times. She contributed most of the early design elements for the original site and has been a steady, behind-the-scenes guiding force ever since. When she's not slogging through web design software, she directs theatre pieces and short films. She's also acts, and does voiceover talent in five different languages ( She hails from Romania.

Randy Gold

Randy met George at a PEN function and they've been collaborating ever since. Randy, does the column "Double Lives: Celebrities Who Look Like Works of Art." He is also actively involved in politics as well as the simplified living movement. For more of Randy's work, visit:

Brad Schreiber

Brad originally wanted to vent about the mainstream media's posthumous portrayal of Ronald Reagan's legacy, and he is now a simi-regular contributing writer to The LaLa Times. He's got many years of experience as a humor writer, does the speaker circuit as a humorist, and wrote the book: What Are You Laughing At?: How to Write Funny Screenplays, Stories & More. Find out more about him at: and also at Storytech Literary Consulting: .

Lainie Siegel / JUNGLE 8

Lainie Siegel is the principal/creative director of JUNGLE 8 (formerly Jungle Interactive), and provided the front-end design for the new LaLa Times site. She and production designer extrodinare, Justin regularly contribute to the new "look and feel" of The LaLa Times by providing the pictures which accompany the articles; also provided are those flashy mock ads. For more about Lainie, Justin, and their collaborators, visit the Jungle:



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